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France's Strauss-Kahn Chosen to Head IMF

2011-8-17 14:23:12 阅读684 评论0 172011/08 Aug17

Ali Fatemi,IT路况--只有郎咸平能够救中国Office, dean of the business school at the American University of Paris, believes Strauss-Kahn is just the right man to make much-needed reforms at the IMF.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 58, brings plenty of experience to Washington, when he takes up his new post as IMF chief. He is a trained lawyer and former economics professor who served as French finance minister in the 1990s. He is also a leading figure in the French Socialist Party,Tag Heuer Link,转帖:老万回忆四通(44)父子兵, who bid unsuccessfully for the French presidency earlier this year.

By Lisa Bryant
28 September 2007

But not everybody supports him. Britain's Financial Times newspaper called Strauss-Kahn the wrong candidate chosen in the wrong way. It argued the bidding process should be widened to include non-European candidates. Strauss-Kahn himself has made a similar proposal.

Strauss-Kahn is among several leading leftist politicians picked for key political posts by France's center-right president, Nicolas Sarkozy. Another top leftist politician, Bernard Kouchner, is the country's foreign minister.

Former French Finance Minister Dominique Strauss-Kahn was tapped Friday to become the next head of the International Monetary Fund. From Paris,家电协会挺“无氟”空调:对臭氧层无害-搜狐数, Lisa Bryant has more on the leftist politician who has vowed to build consensus as the IMF's new director.

Strauss-Kahn will not be a brutal reformer, Schweisguth said. Rather, he'll rely on discussion and collaboration.

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US Offers to Delay Activation of Europe-Based Anti-Missile System

2011-8-17 14:23:11 阅读625 评论0 172011/08 Aug17

On other subjects,假账与反假账系列 德勤失足科龙, Secretary Gates welcomed the Czech Republic's decision Monday to nearly double its troop commitment in Afghanistan to 480. Some of the new forces will participate in a provincial reconstruction team. The secretary says he will urge other NATO members to do the same, and also to provide more trainers for the Afghan Army.

The press secretary characterized the U.S. offers to Moscow as "ideas" that Secretaries Gates and Rice came up with during their trip in an effort to address Russian concerns. He says they are not formal proposals and they had not been discussed in advance with either Czech or Polish officials.

"We would consider tying together the activation of the sites in Poland and the Czech Republic with definitive proof of the threat, in other words, Iranian missile testing and so on," he said.

Secretary Gates says he will discuss the Russia proposals at a NATO defense ministers meeting later this week in the Netherlands. And he says he will urge NATO members to move forward with their own missile-defense system to complement the U.S. plan.

But Russia considers the system a challenge to its own capabilities.

The U.S. proposals are aimed at ending Russian opposition to extending the U.S. missile-defense system into Europe with a radar installation in the Czech Republic and an anti-missile launch site in Poland. The United States says the system is needed to protect NATO allies and U.S. military facilities from a missile attack by Iran, and could also benefit Russia.

Morrell says Russian President Vladimir Putin was "intrigued" with the ideas, but there has been no formal Russian response.

Morrell says Czech officials did not express any objection to the U.S. idea. He also says Secretary Gates understands it could be difficult for the Czechs to accept Russian observers after, in his words, "years under the thumb of the Soviet Union."

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the United States might be willing to postpone activation of missile-defense sites planned for Poland and the Czech Republic until there is proof Iran has missiles that could reach the area, if that would help end Russian opposition to the plan. The secretary spoke in Prague, where he also said the Czech government would have a veto power over any proposal to allow Russian observers at their facility. VOA's Al Pessin reports from Prague.

Secretary Gates says during a joint visit to Moscow earlier this month he and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Russian officials the United States will not slow the negotiations for the sites or their construction. But he says the United States might be willing leave the sites unused, at least for a while.

Secretary Gates also said he and Secretary Rice asked the Russians if increased transparency about the purpose and operations of the anti-missile system might ease their concerns, perhaps including sending Russian observers the sites. He said he discussed that with Czech officials on Tuesday.

Secretary Gates and Prime Minister Topolanek agreed negotiations on the Czech radar site should be completed in the next few months. The agreement would then be reviewed by the Czech parliament. U.S. officials say they hope to begin construction by the middle of next year.

Asked whether the Czech government would accept such a Russian presence, Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said: "No comment. Thank you."

Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell later said if Russia agrees to the delay proposal, the United States would retain the right to activate the system at any time based on its own assessment of Iran's missile capability.

"I also made clear in my conversations this morning that if we were to explore measures of transparency with the Russians such as having a presence here in the Czech Republic or in Poland at these sites,Mont Blanc Profile, that we would carry these proposals first to the Czech government,大盘多空力道及主力增仓个股排名(上周五)!, and that nothing would be done without the consent of the Czech government,Patek Philippe Neptune," he said.

They say talks with Poland are not quite so far along, and Poland will have a new government following last Sunday's election. But Secretary Gates says he does not expect that to change Poland's interest in hosting the anti-missile site.

电饭煲成四川新增家电下乡补贴品种-搜狐数, the Czech government announced it will reduce its troop presence in Iraq. Both moves require parliamentary approval.

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Australia's Aborigines at Risk as Swine Flu Outbreak Escalates

2011-8-17 14:23:11 阅读600 评论0 172011/08 Aug17

04 July 2009

An aboriginal man drinks a beverage outside a store in the remote outback town of Wadeye in the Northern Territory, Australia, 01 Jun 2009
As the number of swine flu cases in Australia soars past 4,500, new research indicates that indigenous people may be more susceptible to the contagious virus, compounding an array of existing health conditions. The findings have been detailed in the medical journal The Lancet. The authors have warned of a looming international public health catastrophe.

Experts are concerned that indigenous peoples, such as Australia's Aborigines and Native American Indians, suffer poor health that puts them at higher risk from the H1N1 virus,2009快乐女生十强完全档案, which is commonly known as swine flu.

One Aboriginal man in Australia has already died from the infection, while Native Indians in Canada have seen many cases.

Australian researchers, writing in The Lancet, have warned that the risk of indigenous groups contracting the potentially deadly respiratory disease is heightened because they are more likely to be malnourished and living in poverty.

They say the "Westernization" of diets has exacerbated health problems. Many indigenous people now eat foods loaded with excessive sugar,商用“云计算”扬帆起航, salt and fat.

The researchers say other factors have also contributed to this increased vulnerability to swine flu,政策日渐完善 家电下乡工作不该松懈-搜狐数, including the widespread use of alcohol,Bell and Ross BR03 Aviation, drugs and tobacco.

Professor Michael Gracey, a medical advisor to the Aboriginal-run organization Unity of First People of Australia, says lifestyle diseases have left indigenous populations more susceptible to the H1N1 virus.

"Their general poor standard of health and the fact that many Indigenous people in Australia unfortunately are smokers or have been smokers makes them much more susceptible to respiratory illnesses," he said.

Experts say another problem faced by aboriginal communities is their geographical isolation and lack of medical workers.

Ten people have died in Australia from swine flu, including a three-year-old boy. In the northern state of Queensland, prison inmates are being given antiviral drugs after outbreaks in two penal institutions.

The authorities say that for most patients, swine flu has caused only a mild illness.

Elsewhere in the South Pacific, almost one thousand cases of the virus have been confirmed in New Zealand, while a handful of infections have also been reported in Vanuatu, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

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订单门:戴尔最令人恐怖的 日前,戴尔官方网站一款显示器的超廉价格引来抢购,20市消协呼吁平板显示屏保修3年 -搜狐I。起因是其原价8999元的戴尔液晶显示器错标成了2515元。对此,戴尔先是采用了躲避的立场,之后决定只有是在网站下单的用户,戴尔将该过错报价作为实际出货价格,并将在系统错误期间天生的该局部订单依照畸形订单处置,戴尔公司将自行承当因而带来的损失。对此,有业内人士以为戴尔的做法很好,并拿之与此前的联想的订单门事件做了对照;有的业内人士则勇敢猜想戴尔此举是其自我炒作的一次胜利的公关行动。实在不论是戴尔成心仍是失误,笔者认为,在此次订单门事件中,戴尔最令人胆怯的是其订单剖析系统,江西纪行(4):游井冈山。 笔者假设戴尔此次的订单门事件是戴尔故意为之的行为,那么此次公关成败的要害在于戴尔的网上订单系统。即戴尔的订单系统要实时监控订单的情形,尤其是下单者的订购数量。因为最终下单产品的数目决定了这次公关的投入本钱。此间,有业内人士按照800人下单盘算了戴尔此次订单门的丧失(或者说是此次公关的投入),杭州汽车出租公司,在此笔者认为这种计算方式比拟片面,因为800人下单,并不代表订购产品的数量是800台,由于不消除有的下单用户订购了不止一台的产品。笔者认为,如果不确实的订购产品台数的统计,我们很难统计出此次戴尔的订单门事件,毕竟戴尔损失或者说为此次公关投入了多少钱。在这里笔者关怀的是,如果此次戴尔的订单门事件是戴尔故意为之的话,那戴尔将领有世界上可能是最好的网上订单分析系统。之所以这样讲,是因为首先戴尔要在系统中界定最终被用户订购的产品的台数,或者要设定一个终极的价钱总和(即最终公关的用度),当其中的任何一项到达设定值的话,杭州租车公司,订单系统就将终止以毛病标价制订的订单,同时恢复到之前准确的报价。此外,该订单系统还应当可以实时地分析目前此产品的库存,以及为此调货的时间及在此进程中发生的元件因为时光而产生的成本的变动等诸多的因素。到这里,笔者认为,假如这次的订单门事件是戴尔故意为之的话,那么其对联想的信用的间接打击,本身品牌形象的晋升和可能是超值的市场宣扬(包含平面媒体、网络媒体跟电视媒体等的报道)还在其次,预测 急涨+快跌 光头小阳线后策略,更令联想等竞争对手恐惧的应该是其订单分析系统,这恐怕也是戴尔目前在PC行业除了应用其高效的供给链治理仍坚持业内最高利润的另一个宝贝,当然,上述仅仅是笔者的预测,兴许没有人可能真正搞清戴尔的订单分析系统的精髓在哪里。  戴尔供应链总体模型,但真正的精华又在哪里呢? 当然还有一种可能就是其网上订单系统确切呈现了问题,这对每每涌现报价错误的戴尔应该不是个好的征兆。这至少阐明戴尔的订单系统与其竞争对手的订单体系并无二致。从这点上看,笔者到盼望戴尔的这次订单门事件是故意的。从这个意思上看,戴尔的此次订单门事件咱们更应关注的是戴尔的网上订单分析系统,因为这才是决议戴尔竞争上风及其竞争对手害怕的主要原因之一。

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     未几之前,美国《自由软件基金会》提出了10个自由软件应当优先发展的项目(“HighPriorityFreeSoftwareProjects”),并且声称这是当前世界最须要的开发项目。对此,有人同意,有人反对。而Ubuntu8.10的发布,引发的却是一场实切实在的“脑筋风暴”(Flurry),刮两下真能瘦手臂吗 超火爆却最没用减肥方法,短短几天,各种相干博客评论(探讨)文章跟试验对照研讨讲演,高达2,000余篇。有些问题,无比深入,值得咱们思考和关注。         本文不详细地阐明什么开源项目重要与不主要,只是对前多少日传播很广的“Ubuntu开创人Mark:不人能从Linux桌面中盈利”一文的论点予以廓清,免得误导社会大众。此种说法,完整是断章取义,扭曲了Mark的原意。       上周(10月27日),中国3D产业标准将尽快制定 国内企业有机会-搜狐数,MarkShuttleworth召开一次新闻发布会,进一步说明了本人的某些观点。Mark先生以为,固然Ubuntu是一个零收入产品(zerorevenue),但却是一个好的“投资项目”。他说,虽然人们不能通过Linux桌面(自身)赚到钱,(紧接着)他又说:“thatisagoodthing”(上述文章作者漏掉了这句非常要害的话)。他(指Mark先生)的意思是,自由软件(比如,盒装自由软件)不能赚钱并不是一件坏事件,能够通过相关服务(技巧支持)来赚钱。实际上,Canonical公司每年都从Ubuntu的支持服务上取得收益数百万美元,虽然直到目前还未实现盈利。但是,Mark先生在这次消息宣布会上,公然表现:他并不介意在将来3~5年内持续投入Ubuntu。剖析家认为,虽然Canonical(目前职工200余人)在未来两年内可能实现盈利,然而,要遍及Ubuntu,还需更多的投入(和更长的时光)。        Mark先生乐意持续地投入Ubuntu,把它当成一种自己的追乞降事业,并不急于从中“发财”的精力值得我们学习和思考。现今,世界大牌IT厂商都雇用专职工程师参加自由/开源项目标开发(编程),一直对GNU/Linux操作体系进行弥补和完美(好比IntelOTC),使得Linux的来日更加值得人们等待。当今,我们所需要的自由软件正在这种连续不断的投入,大家群策群力,彼此配合的襁褓中健康成长。对Linux的明天,我们应该有更加必胜的信心。        在上海Intel研发核心,我又一次亲眼看见基于Linux平台的“Instant-on”疾速启动PC,8.9秒钟启动结束。《Linux基金会》主席JimZemlin近日预言明年这种盘算机的发货量会急剧增添,甚至会超过单纯依附Windows的计算机。当初的实在情形是,自由软件是源自纯洁个人爱好(意愿开发者)的时期已经缓缓离去,国际大牌企业(雇用专职工程师)参与自由软件的开发,比方,Linux内核、OpenOffice.org等名目,使得自由软件的品质越发濒临商业用处,企业和政府部分逐步接收了Linux(自由软件的代表)。因而,满意GPL3.0的、产业化出产(包含集中编程开发)的自在软件(不妨称为“古代自由软件”),存在大范围应用的价值,恰是我们所需要的自由软件,贝叶思网舆监测显示: 诺基亚、三星制造关注指数水涨,音叉开关。Mark和他的Canonical公司所大力支撑的Ubuntu发行版,按期发布、自由散发、品德优良、而且倡导装在自启动U盘里面,毋庸(正版)验证,携带便利,人见人爱,正是人们所需要的自由软件包。人类走到这一步,很不轻易(酸、甜、苦、辣)。无论贸易软件(多半是私有软件)怎么压抑、排斥、甚至毁谤自由软件,它依然是一种社会存在。站在自由软件的视角,遥看商业软件者的表演(挣扎),十分有趣,杭州汽车出租公司。钱是一种能源;真、善、美也是一种寻求。      (注:昨天晚上,陆主席打电话给我,又被狠狠地批驳一通。人家说你,态度摇晃不定,老说微软好话,是不是拿了微软的钱?我大呼委屈。说微软好话,是我的提高,别总是关起门来欺侮微软。说Ubuntu好话,是我的最爱,不需要Canonical受权(替它说好话)。)

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固然这些照片美得都可以用相框装起来然后挂到墙上欣赏,可它们却不是什么古代艺术品。它们是由国家地质考察局地球资源数据中央供给的卫星图像。这些图像由美国地球资源探测卫星7号拍摄,其中包括了从南极冰川到冰岛狭湾等各种各样的地形。让我一起逐一观赏它们吧。第一、阿可帕托可岛(加拿大)这张照片中的阿可帕托可岛呈碧绿色与白色并且还搀杂着些许红色,完整可以与宝石比美。很难让人相信,这个被雪覆盖的岛四周那水绿色的货色居然就是海上的浮冰。这个岛位于昂加瓦湾(加拿大魁北克省北部),只有坐飞机才干到达。它是海象与鲸的繁殖地。第二、恒河三角洲有谁会想到这么个美丽的风景也会呈现在卫星图像里呢?这是恒河注入孟加拉湾的进口处。那里森林茂密,AVS国标十年迎来最好时机:是否会成下一个WAPI,是现今世上仅存的多少只皇家孟家拉虎的栖息地。 第三、兰伯特冰川这幅画看上去就像是一个艺术家在油画上留下了一笔。但实际上,它是位于南极的世界最大冰川——兰伯特冰川。在这张照片中咱们能够看到一条小冰河正从东南极高原流下。它的流动就像水流一样,只是速度慢了很多,坚定信心抓住机遇共促股市繁荣(600186) (丰华股份南京新百江...,大概每年流动500米。 第四、理查特结构这是什么?是水彩画中的陨石坑?并不是这样的。理查特构造应当是世界上最奇异的地形结构了。这幅画中的地形发明于毛里塔尼亚国的一个沙漠里。一个火山演化成了岩石而后受到了侵蚀后才形成这样理查特结构的地形,像这样一圈圈缭绕着核心的岩石圈。 第五、西峡湾这张西峡湾的卫星照片看上去就像是一个珊瑚岛的交差局部。它是冰岛西北部的一系列半岛,是该国最遥远的地带。虽然,这一带面积不是很大,但由于这些半岛都呈锯齿形,它占了冰岛总海岸线长度的一半以上。 第六、勒娜三角洲优美多彩的勒娜三角洲总面积达23,500平方英里,是世界上最大的三角洲。当然,药物治疗脑瘫对肝肾损害大不大,它仍是俄罗斯最大的天然生态维护区,好多可贵的鱼类鸟类都栖身于此,其中包含天鹅。 第七、冲积扇这种像花一样的冲积扇常常出当初那些暴发周期性山洪的沙漠地区。当疾速流动的水流开端变缓并疏散的时候,就会构成这样的地形,尤其在深谷峡谷与平原交接的地方特殊轻易造成这样的冲积扇。图中这个冲积扇卫星图发现于新疆的昆仑山与阿里屯山之间。因为左边有流动的活水,因而呈现出了蓝色。 第八、博格达山脉这张位于博格达山脉山麓的吐鲁番盆地的卫星照过于俏丽而显得有些不实在。那些蓝色的盐湖白色的沙丘与山上的紫罗兰与李子相映生辉。世界陆地上海拔在海平面以下的处所为数未几,而吐鲁番盆地就是其中一个。 第九、坎佩切这张位于墨西哥坎佩切州的特尔米诺斯舄湖卫星照片中涌现了血红与天蓝色,十分漂亮。然而至今迷信家还没有搞清楚图片中红色是怎么出现的。 第十、荷兰三角洲地带荷兰三角洲地带的一些小岛像粉色手指个别地伸入大海。图片中显出的许多小岛都是由那些沉积物较多注入北海的河流发生的。这些河流的许多小支流正一步步分列这些小岛。 第十一、喜玛拉雅山脉这张图片不是微电子显微照而是山脉,这很难让人信任。 事实上,这是中国喜玛拉雅山脉的卫星图片。它浮现了一个个淡蓝、白及不同水平红色的锯齿。 第十二、尼日尔河与前面那些斑驳的地形卫星图片不一样,这张尼日尔河像一条蛇那样曲曲折折。北部的白色是世界上有名撒哈拉大沙漠,与下面的三角洲的绿色棕色形成赫然的对比,收款机。 第十三、冯卡曼涡旋系这些旋涡看上去几乎就像是人为的,它们被称作是冯卡曼涡旋系。这些是在风力作用下形成奇特地形。这张卫星图中的地方是阿拉斯加半岛的阿留申群岛。 第十四、拜尔德冰川你可以设想一下,一个人用手在一幅未干的景致画上抹上一手。图片中的被抹的这一下是南极著名的拜尔德冰川,从左侧的南极高原流向右侧的罗斯冰棚。 第十五、冰岛虎美国国度地质调查局将它称为“冰岛虎”,其原国不言而喻。这张照片拍摄于晚上,给我们展示了大陆大陆相接的地方,其中海洋上有些地方还有白雪笼罩。其中“虎口”是一冰岛著名的一个峡湾。 第十六、蜿蜒而行的密西西比土地、植被,还有密西西比河,对照如许强烈啊!看样子,密西西比河想要侵犯这片区域,然后调回身,无情地从阿肯色州与田纳西州之间向南流去。 第十七、贝拉斯科这是阿根廷北部的贝拉斯科山系,Pos收银机。其中绿色是一些高高的山尖,而蓝色则是葡萄园及其余果园。 第十八、阿曼地区或者世界上再也不哪个地方的天气能像这阿拉伯沿岸的阿曼地区气象分化的这样显明了。因为季风带来降水,阿曼地域无比富绕,一片碧绿。与之比较强烈的是出现出深紫色的内部贫乏山区。 更多出色内容: 博闻网的新浪微博已经开明一段时光了,欢送大家增加我们的官方微博: 

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IAEA Discussing Uranium-Enrichment Plan with Iran

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19 October 2009

Iranian Ambassador to International Atomic Energy Agency, Ali Asghar Soltanieh (R) arrives at Vienna meeting, 19 Oct 2009
The International Atomic Energy Agency is hosting a meeting in Vienna to discuss plans to enrich Iranian uranium outside Iran, and then ship it back to Tehran. If the talks are successful, they may mark a breakthrough for Iran's controversial nuclear program.

The Vienna talks gather officials from the United States,音叉开关, Russia,cysteamine, France and Iran - along with those from the International Atomic Energy Agency,关于大盘的运行----重点股票铜陵有色,中色股份,江西铜业,两面..., which is hosting the meeting.

They will discuss a tentative agreement, reached earlier this month in Geneva, for uranium from Iran to be enriched outside that country. The uranium would then be returned to Tehran for use by a small research reactor making medical isotopes.

According to reports, the deal would have Russia taking in partially enriched Iranian uranium for further enrichment. France would then convert the material into metal rods to be used by the Tehran reactor.

The plan follows months of deadlock over Iran's nuclear program and the recent discovery of a previously unknown nuclear-enrichment plant near the Iranian city of Qom.  

Speaking at a press conference in Tehran earlier this month, IAEA chief Mohammed ElBaradei said the agency's inspectors would also be visiting the Qom facility on October 25.

"This is a positive development," ElBaradei said. "I have always been of the view that the Iranian nuclear issue is an issue that can only be resolved through dialogue, through diplomacy. I have been saying for a number of years that we need transparency on the part of Iran, we need cooperation on the part of the international community. I see that we are at a critical moment. I see that we are shifting gears, from confrontation into transparency and cooperation."

But observers say there are plenty of unknowns, including whether Iran will cooperate with the tentative deal and to what extent the IAEA will be able to monitor Iran's nuclear efforts.  

Tehran claims it is enriching uranium for purely peaceful purposes. Western nations fear Iran is trying to make a nuclear bomb.

Claire Spencer heads Middle East and North Africa programs at Chatham House, in London.

"The idea is to prevent the Iranians from enriching beyond a certain level and anywhere near weaponization," Spencer explained. "But the hitch is now news coming out of Tehran,生活消费——电子商务的下一个繁荣时代, which suggests they may be actually looking to purchase at more highly enriched levels - up to 20 percent. The threshold for weapons is 90 percent enrichment."

An Iranian official told the Reuters news agency that Tehran would produce the highly enriched uranium at home if the Vienna talks fail.

But Spencer says the discussions could also lead to broader talks with Iran over a host of other subjects,全球最大的200英寸3D曲面等离子亮相-搜狐数, including neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan.

"I think there are many who realize that constantly imposing demands on the Iranians which they either have no intention or the capacity to fulfill for domestic political reasons has not gotten us very far over the last three or four years," Spencer said. "So this could be, certainly it was heralded at the time of the Geneva meeting, as a breakthrough in terms of opening channels more widely with the Iranians."

The U.N. Security Council has imposed three rounds of sanctions on Iran for refusing to stop enriching uranium at home. But Security Council members Russia and China have shown little appetite for another round of sanctions.

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ECOWAS Suspends Niger in Dispute Over Constitution

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20 October 2009

The Economic Community of West African States has suspended Niger for refusing to postpone a legislative election. The regional alliance wanted Niger to delay the vote to allow for political dialogue following a controversial referendum that has extended the president's time in office.

ECOWAS followed through on its threat to suspend Niger when President Mamadou Tandja went ahead with Tuesday's legislative vote.

President Mamadou Tandja casts his vote in a constitutional referendum that would keep him in power,IT路况--房价不会跌,穷人又上当了。, in Niamey, Niger
(File Photo - 04 Aug 2009)
Mr. Tandja ignored last-minute appeals by ECOWAS leaders to delay the poll, saying preparations were too far advanced. The regional alliance asked him to indefinitely suspend the election in favor of political dialogue to resolve a political crisis sparked by an August referendum that changed the constitution to extend the president's time in office.

"ECOWAS is already in touch with the African Union to put the Niger file also on the agenda of the African Union Peace and Security Council, which would also lead to the United Nations taking a similar decision," said Abdel Fatau Musah, the political director of the ECOWAS alliance. "And we know that our partners, like the European Union,Chainsaw chain, are also considering very severed measures against President Tandja and the authorities in Niger for blatantly casting aside their constitution,杭州汽车租赁, which actually forbids their president from going beyond two terms."

Opposition parties are boycotting this vote for 113 legislators to replace the parliament President Tandja dismissed when it said his constitutional referendum was illegal. The president dismissed the country's constitutional court when it reached the same conclusion.

Alat Mogaskiya is one of the founders of Niger's Party for Democracy and Socialism. He says President Tandja had the legal authority to dismiss parliament, but ignored the constitutional mandate to have new elections to replace those lawmakers within 90 days.

Mogaskiya says the new Tandja government is illegal and illegitimate because the referendum extending the president's term was unconstitutional. He says everyone in Niger who is a democrat should ignore all of the new government's decisions.

That includes these legislative elections and local government elections, all of which Mogaskiya says are illegal and illegitimate. So opposition parties are not taking part.

Ruling party communications secretary Issoufou Tamboura says the opposition boycott will have no impact on the vote,消费者维修洗衣机遭遇“天价”零件-搜狐数, just as its boycott of the referendum had no effect on changing the constitution.

Tamboura says the boycott will not stop the new government from continuing its work and electing a new assembly. Parties are free to join or boycott the vote as they choose.

Tamboura says the boycott will not affect the credibility of this vote because the ruling party is the country's largest and it is taking part. Some other smaller parties are also participating. He says his party believes this election will be credible.

This vote will further consolidate President Tandja's power, giving him a new assembly to go along with a newly-appointed constitutional court,博闻科技600883分析, another three years in office, and the end of presidential term limits.  

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Indian PM Makes Fresh Offer of Dialogue to Pakistan

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28 October 2009

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh waves to supporters at a public rally at Wanpoh, about 55 kilometers south of Srinagar, India, 28 Oct 2009
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has offered to talk on all issues to rival Pakistan provided it cracks down on terror groups based in the country. The Indian leader, who is visiting Indian Kashmir, also called on separatist groups in the region to join a dialogue with his government.     

Inaugurating a rail link in Indian Kashmir's Anantnag district, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said India and Pakistan can talk on a range of issues such as trade,南粤休闲亲情之旅(7/10):回到珠海和深圳, and easing of travel procedures for families living across the Himalayan region's divided border.

But Mr. Singh says for a productive dialogue, it is vital for Pakistan to destroy militant groups, their camps and infrastructure on its soil.

The Indian Prime Minister says if Pakistan takes action on this, New Delhi will not be found wanting in its response.

The offer of talks comes nearly a year after New Delhi virtually put on hold a peace dialogue between the two countries following last year's terror attacks in Mumbai, which India blamed on terrorists based in Pakistan.

Mr. Singh said the five-year-old peace process has been repeatedly setback by terror attacks in India.

The peace dialogue had lowered tensions between the rivals,杭州汽车租赁,三星:投资裸眼3D屏幕制造商专注开发3D-搜狐数, but has flagged amid repeated Indian accusations that Pakistan is not doing enough to clamp down on terror groups operating from the country.

Kashmir is split between the two countries, which have fought two of their three wars over the Himalayan region. 

Speaking amid tight security,诺西启动1500人裁员计划 涉及前摩托罗拉雇员, the Indian leader said an era of violence in Kashmir has come to an end, and called on separatist leaders in Kashmir to engage in a dialogue with his government.

Mr. Singh says his government is willing to talk to all people and groups who support the return of peace and development in the state.

Indian Kashmir has been wracked by a two-decade-long separatist insurgency, although levels of violence have sharply dropped in the lpast five years.

A dialogue held in 2006 with separatist leaders opposed to Indian rule failed to produce a breakthrough. But earlier this month, the Indian government said it will launch a new round of "quiet diplomacy" with Kashmiri separatists.

Moderate separatist leaders have welcomed the initiative,收银机, but hardline Kashmiri leaders are unlikely to join the dialogue. This was clear on Wednesday - hardline separatists called a general strike to protest the Indian leader's two day visit to the region.  

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小天鹅洗衣机规划 三年重拾行业第一-搜狐I

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本报讯国内白电巨头美的在重组小天鹅后昨天首次公布了洗衣机业务发展规划,Pos机,确立了其洗衣机业务将以“小天鹅”品牌为核心,加上美的原来拥有的“美的”和“荣事达”两个洗衣机品牌,格力废标案正式收场 双方戏剧性和解-搜狐I。小天鹅股份有限公司总经理柴新建昨天表示,规划三个品牌的洗衣机业务规模将力争在三年时间内重拾行业第一的地位,两巨头隔空叫阵 3D电视“口水战”升级-搜狐数。小天鹅是我国最早生产洗衣机的企业之一,曾连续11年占据国内销量第一的位置,但后来被海尔超越一直位列行业老二,恢复了视力等于恢复了自信,荣事达则排名行业第三。美的通过对行业第二和第三的整合,拥有了“小天鹅”、“美的”及“荣事达”三个知名洗衣机品牌,预计今年洗衣机整体销量将突破1000万台。柴新建表示,高端滚筒洗衣机将成为小天鹅重新崛起的突破口,full lace wig,预计今年销售将突破120万台。他指出,洗衣机是目前中国的白色家电行业中唯一一个外资品牌占据绝对高端优势的行业,而且这种局面已经持续数年。特别是在滚筒洗衣机领域,去年国内销量前十位的企业中竟有七家是外资品牌。而小天鹅是目前我国为数不多掌握高端滚筒洗衣机自主知识产权的生产企业之一,能够实现完全的自主开发。其中高洗净比技术、变频控制技术、洗涤剂智能投放技术将成为小天鹅今年市场突围的杀手锏。

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家电下乡打破“终身制” 24家中标企业被清理-搜狐数

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家电下乡企业中标“终身制”的终结进入最后倒计时———商务部公布最新数据显示,全球最大连锁百思买中国市场失败尴尬转身-搜狐数,截至11月30日全国家电下乡销售额达到581亿元,各中标企业销售情况也逐一排定座次。而从明年1月1日起,这一排名将决定末尾企业的在家电下乡进程中的命运———相关部门将对中标企业当季的销售量、退换货率、企业网点数量等进行打分排名(满分100分),连续两次考核排名后5%且得分低于60分的企业,将被直接取消中标资格。截至目前,有5个中标项目未按时缴纳履约保证金,19个中标项目因企业经营策略调整等原因主动放弃了中标资格。让人略微惊讶的是,Chainsaw chain,此次被取消资格的企业中并非都是些无名之辈,浪潮电脑、夏新手机、新科彩电、尚朋堂电磁炉及双鹿空调等行业中较有名气的企业亦赫然在列,Harvester bar,华视传媒:垄断资源为什么不赚钱?。从名单看,有6家生产企业和18家销售企业的产品被取消家电下乡中标资格。其中深圳市新一佳商业及深圳亿和源科技一道,互联网恶斗会否造成天下大乱,成为目前仅有的两家被取消家电下乡资格的粤企。不过,行业内最新澄清是,24家企业中包括北京四季沐歌、山东力诺瑞特等6家太阳能企业,实质上是因为产品和流通标全国范围“二合一”,而此次是由商务部撤消了它们先前在一些省市单独所中的流通标,其在全国范围的家电下乡中标资格并未取消。羊城晚报记者吴江

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选家电:关注:价格:找电视:据家电以旧换新管理信息系统公布的最新数据显示,截至3月8日,家电以旧换新试点省市销售额已突破300亿元,IT路况--无薪休假PK无薪上岗,政策拉动家电消费作用进一步显现。与此同时,试点推广申报工作正式启动,业内人士指出,这将更大程度上促进家电需求的快速释放。统计显示,截至3月8日,9个试点省市共回收旧家电815.2万台,销售新家电758.6万台,销售额达300.2亿元。2010年前两个月家电以旧换新销售额环比增长71.3%,政策拉动家电消费作用进一步显现。与此同时,财政部、商务部、环境保护部关于家电以旧换新推广实施申报工作正式开始,相关通知明确规定了对申请地方配套措施、销售回收体系、拆解处理能力等方面的要求。据商务部人士透露,拆解处理能力相当重要,是此次申请审核的关键指标;而符合条件的地区应以省为单位上报申请,这与首批试点中长沙、福州等城市获批的情况有所不同,Iron Oxide。而对于推广省份数量,该负责人表示并无限制。按照通知规定,各地区在2010年6月1日前能达到相关要求的,即可提出申请。分析人士称,家电的存量基数不断上升,使以旧换新的市场潜力越来越大,小外孙泡泡更淘气了,试点的推广会促进更新需求的快速释放。国都证券家电分析师王京乐指出,特别是电视、洗衣机等家电的高端品种,将有更大的市场空间,Harvester bar,贝叶思咨询:汽车多品牌战略是把双刃剑

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商报讯(记者孙聪颖)最新行业统计数据显示,full lace wig,2009年中国液晶电视市场整体销量为2166.8万台,比2008年增长80.5%,销售额达867.5亿元,王力传(第九章:汉语史稿) 张谷 王缉国著,同比增长50.6%。目前全国范围内共有4亿台的CRT电视正在使用,为什么毛伟挨批,倒霉的还是我?!,未来五年这些CRT电视的更新换代,将使液晶电视进入发展的快车道。在家电下乡、以旧换新等一系列扩大内需的政策影响下,国内液晶电视市场发展极快。预计到2010年底,中国液晶电视零售市场销量将突破2900万台,截止到2015年将连续五年以超过30%的速度增长。液晶电视热销背后,产品价格逐步走低也是重要因素。尽管如此,巨大的数量不仅会让家电企业获利,而且上游面板行业利润下滑态势也望扭转。但行业专家提示,液晶电视越来越向着大尺寸发展,tiamulin,国内面板企业尽管都已经在上游面板的生产上有动作,但一定要向前看,摩托罗拉最近怎么了?,力避一上马就落后的现象发生。

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家电去年销售火爆 厂家今年提早开工-搜狐数

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 本报讯大年二十九才放假,正月初六就又忙着开工了。尽管传统意义上的大年还没有过完,电视机冒火星引燃老房子 疑电线老化-搜狐数,tiamulin,但在我国最大的家电制造基地广东顺德,受到去年销售火爆的影响,今年各空调、冰箱厂家都较往年提早开工生产,为今夏的销售旺季加班备战。在顺德的海信科龙总部,IT路况--男版女版火星文版金山毒霸,冰箱车间里已经恢复了往日的繁忙景象,各条生产线快速运转一片忙碌。而总装车间门口已经排着一溜大货车在等待装货。这里的很多叉车司机都是大年二十九才放假,但正月初六就又开工了。与海信科龙相距不远的美的、万家乐、格兰仕、万和等家电企业今年也都比往年更早开工生产。海信科龙营销公司副总经理王瑞吉告诉记者,去年国内白色家电销售形势相当火爆,公司旗下的容声冰箱国内销量增长了近30%,现在的供货压力很大,所以只能通过晚几天放假、早几天开工缓解一些进度上的压力。据了解,Solvent Dyes,由于白色家电的生产周期与销售旺季密切相关,往年春节后的开工日期都相对较晚。但由于去年国内家电销售形势火爆,嘉言懿行遗泽留芳 ——缅怀王师母夏蔚霞先生(吴宏聪),各厂家也都对今年的市场预期颇高,因此纷纷提早开工抢占市场。 (责任编辑:刘斌)

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